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Painless lancing device when used with Digivibe
Digivibe Lancing Device 28-33 Gauge
The Digivibe lancing device makes every one of your glucose tests pain-free, when used with the DigiVibe apparatus. Works with any lancet or other lancing device, 28-33 gauge. We recommend 30 gauge.


DigiVibe Needle Pain Blocker Packaging
Digivibe Painless Lancing and Injections Kit
Affordable and effective — the DigiVibe Painless Lancing and Injections Kit includes an easy-to-use lancet device, the super stable Solo Stand, and the pain-blocking DigiVibe Apparatus.


Large Sonic Tip for Digivibe Vaccine Shot Pain Blocker
Large Sonic Tips for Digivibe
Large tips work with Insulin pens and Ozempic® pens.


Small Sonic Tip for Digivibe Finger Prick Pain Blocker
Small Sonic Tips for Digivibe

Small Tip: Vaccinations and finger pricks.