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Digivibe Painless Lancing and Injections Kit

Affordable and effective — the DigiVibe Painless Lancing and Injections Kit includes an easy-to-use lancet device, the super stable Solo Stand, and the pain-blocking DigiVibe Apparatus.


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Kit includes:
• Digivibe device
• Lancing device
• Small Sonic tip
• Large Sonic tip (fits insulin and Ozempic® pens)
• Device stand
• AA lithium battery

Ideal for:
• Botox® migraine injections
• Ozempic® injections
• Wegovy® injections
• Vaccinations (COVID 19, influenza, all children’s vaccines including MMR)
• Finger pricks (CGM)
• IVF, HGH, Testosterone, Progesterone, and Lidocaine shots
• Insulin injections
• Cosmetic injectables

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