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How do I use the DigiVibe Painless Lancing and Injections Kit?

It’s simple, with very few steps. For full device information, reference the user manual.

  1. Before using your device for the first time, please remove the battery tab protector, place the tip onto the device, and then place the device onto the stand.
  2. Place the stand on a smooth surface and press the suction activation button on the stand’s side. Be sure to have your glucose monitor, test strips, and lancing device set up and ready to take your sample, as usual.
  3. Ensure the device vibrates for up to 20 seconds before the lancet or injection, and let the device continue to vibrate until after the lancet or injection.


How long do I need to apply the vibration before it blocks the pain?

You can wait longer, but most users find up to 20 seconds of vibrations block any pain impulses from getting through


Will my monitor fit inside the DigiVibe travel case?

Yes, the DigiVibe travel case will accommodate almost every glucose monitor up to 5/8″ thickness.


Will my DigiVibe and lancing device fit inside my current travel case?

Yes, if your travel case is 6 1/4″ in length.


Will the DigiVibe Painless Lancing and Injections Kit fit into my Insulin kit?

In most cases, yes.


Can I use my current lancing device with the DigiVibe?

Yes, if it has a 3/8″ diameter.


Can I use my lancets with the DigiVibe lancing device?

Yes, standard-size lancets sold at all pharmacies will work in the DigiVibe lancing device.


Can I clean the DigiVibe tip without removing it from the device?

Yes, but you must not get water in the battery compartment.


How often will the DigiVibe tip need to be replaced?

The tip will last approximately one year with proper care, but we recommend replacing it every two to three months to keep it performing its best.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, the DigiVibe Painless Lancing and Injections Kit has a one-year limited warranty, including parts, labor, and free shipping in the USA. See warranty for details.


How long will the battery last?

Approximately one year, but we recommend replacing the AA lithium battery after 400 finger pricks.

Can I order additional stands for my DigiVibe device?

Yes. Click here to order additional stands or other DigiVibe accessories.


What colors is the DigiVibe Painless Lancing and Injections Kit available in?

The DigiVibe device comes in white.


Can I replace a single item for my DigiVibe Painless Lancing and Injections Kit?

Yes, click here to order a part or parts.

I can’t get my DigiVibe device to turn on.

Check the battery to ensure it is installed correctly. Also, the DigiVibe device has a built-in temperature controller that will turn off the device if it’s been left on too long. The device will reset itself.


The DigiVibe stand no longer holds my device still. What should I do?

If the stand has lost its adhesive strength, remove the device from the stand, wash the rubber suction cup with dish soap, and wipe it dry.
DO NOT GET THE DEVICE WET. If you want to replace the stand, order a new one here.


What is the estimated battery life for the DigiVibe device?

The DigiVibe device is designed to run on one AA lithium battery, which should last for 400 finger pricks. An alkaline battery can be used, but it will only power approximately 80 finger pricks and last for around 30 days.


The DigiVibe's vibration speed seems too low to block needle stick pain.

Replace your battery with a new AA lithium battery.

Safety Information

  • Lancets are for single use only. Do not share your DigiVibe unit with anyone else, including family members! Do not use on multiple patients!
  • After use and exposure to blood, all parts of this kit are considered bio-hazardous. A used kit may potentially transmit infectious diseases even after you have performed cleaning and disinfection. Clean and disinfect your DigiVibe before initial use and once a week with cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Keep away from young children. Small parts may present a choking hazard. Do not use in an oxygen-rich or explosive environment. Do not expose the unit to high temperatures for an extended period of time (Example: Leaving it in a vehicle trunk on a hot day or in a sun-baked space). This may reduce the performance and/or cause a failure of the disposable tip.For best performance and greatest comfort, if the device is stored at extreme temperatures such as -25°C or 70°C, allow the device to come to room temperature or at least into the normal operational range of 5°C to 35°C before use. This should take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours when exposed to room temperature.
  • WARNING: Battery can explode or leak and cause burns if installed backward, dissembled, charged, or exposed to water, fire, or high temperature. No user- serviceable parts inside. Modification or disassembly not allowed.

Device Setup

  1. Remove the DigiVibe and stand from its packaging. Push tip into handle until it clicks into place.
  2. To access the battery compartment, slide the DigiVibe stand off the device.
  3. Open the battery compartment by pressing the latch on the bottom of the Süthe device. Remove battery paper tab protector.
  4. Close the battery compartment and slide the DigiVibe stand onto the device by aligning the stand with the groove in the DigiVibe device and sliding forward.
  5. Reinstall the DigiVibe tip by lining up the dot located on the base of the tip to the arrow on the device and pushing it onto the device until you hear a click. To remove, turn the tip 1/4 turn counterclockwise and lift up.

Lancet setup

Before handling your lancing device, wash your hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry completely.

  1. Remove the lancing device cap by turning it counterclockwise and then pulling it straight up from the device.
  2. Insert a sterile lancet into the grooves of the lancet holder. Push the lancet into the device until it is fully seated in the holder. Twist the protective cover until it separates and save it for removal and disposal later.
  3. Place the lancing device cap back onto the device; gently turn clockwise to secure the cap. Do not over tighten.
  4. Adjust the depth setting of the lancing device by turning the wheel to the desired depth. Minimum starting from 1 and maximum ending at 5. A shallower puncture works for children and most adults.
  5. Cock the lancing device trigger by sliding the device back until it clicks. If it does not click, it might have already been cocked. The device is now ready to use.

Remove the Used Lancet

  1. Remove the cap by turning it counterclockwise and then pulling it straight up from the device.
  2. Before removing the lancet, place the lancet protective cover on a hard surface, then push the lancet tip into the cupped side of the cover.
  3. After securing the tip of the lancet with its cover, remove the lancet by gently pushing away from the lancet device.
  4. Place the cap back onto the device; turn clockwise to secure the cap. Do not over-tighten. It is important to use a new lancet each time you obtain a blood sample. This will help prevent infections.
  5. Discard the used lancet carefully after each use to avoid unintended lancet stick injuries. Used lancets and test strips may be consider bio-hazardous waste. Be sure to follow your healthcare professional’s recommendations or local regulations for proper disposal. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the DigiVibe device, test strips, and lancing device and cap.

Cleaning your Lancet Device

  1. The lancing device and cap should be disinfected at least once per week.
  2. First, clean your lancing device and cap prior to disinfecting.
  3. Use a new germicidal wipe to rub or swab the outside of the lancing device until the surface is damp.
  4. Wipe dry with clean, sterile gauze. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the Süthe and lancing device.

Care & Maintenance

Clean your DigiVibe device by wiping it with a damp cloth and then with a disinfecting wipe.

  • DO NOT wet the DigiVibe device.

Use Lysol® disinfecting wipes. Clean the DigiVibe tip by first removing it from the device and then cleaning it with liquid detergent and rinsing with water.

Do not use alcohol or any other solvent.

Do not allow liquids, dirt, dust, blood, or control solution to enter the battery area.

Do not spray cleaning solution on the Süthe and lancing device.

Do not immerse the DigiVibe and lancing device in any liquid, including water.



Your DigiVibe device uses one 1.5v AA lithium battery. A lithium battery will operate the DigiVibe device approximately 400 uses, assuming each use requires 15 seconds. If the device does not turn on, check the battery.

IMPORTANT: The recommended battery to use with this device is a 1.5v AA lithium battery, which will give the greatest performance and life of operation before needing to replace the battery.


Replacing the battery

Start with the device turned off. Remove the battery cover by sliding it downward and pressing the release latch. Pull up on the battery to lift it out of the compartment. Remove the old battery.

Insert a new AA lithium battery into the battery compartment. Plus (+) and minus (-) signs will guide you in placing the battery. The battery needs to be the Energizer 1.5v AA L91.


Disposal of Battery

Dispose of battery according to your local environmental regulations.