Revolutionizing Treatment
and Conquering Needle Phobia

Our mission at Bing Innovations and Suthe Dermal is to fundamentally change patient experiences by reducing and eliminating the pain of the needle.

Our first device, the Dentalvibe, has reduced or eliminated the needle pain during more than 10 million dental injections over the past ten years. The device is currently being used by thousands of dentists in their quests to give their patients a better dental experience. Visit to learn more.

Our second device, the DigiVibe marketed under the Suthe Dermal brand, was developed to give patients that don’t like needle pain an option of no pain with just a few seconds of message blocking vibrations.

If you are one of the millions that have anxiety of the needle or you are treating someone that does not like needle pain, we invite you to purchase a DigiVibe device on this website, risk free.

Suthe Dermal

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