Block needle pain and reduce anxiety in 20 seconds.

Digivibe blocks needle pain. Protect yourself from painful injections and finger pricks. 

Block finger prick pain with DigivibeBlock insulin injection needle pain with DigivibeBlock vaccine shot pain with Digivibe

The Digivibe device is clinically-proven to block needle pain.

The Digivibe device creates vibrations that block needle pain messages from reaching the brain, resulting in zero pain and reduced anxiety.

Block Needle Pain in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:
Purchase your Digivibe, risk free.
Step 2:
Vibrate for 15-20 seconds at injection or lancing site.
Step 3:
While continuing to vibrate, complete injection or finger prick.

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Block finger prick pain with Digivibe

Finger Pricks

Completely eliminate the pain of your finger prick during glucose testing.

block vaccination shot pain with Digivibe


Ease the fear and anxiety that children and adults may experience during vaccinations.

Block injection needle pain with Digivibe


Your insulin, hormonal and vitamin injections don't have to hurt.

Patient Testimonials and Experiences

Doctor pricking diabetic.

10 year old getting a finger prick.

3 year old tests pain blocking.

Painless cosmetic applications.

Effortless vitamin or insulin injection.

Real doctors tested Digivibe.

More Testimonials

Up to twenty seconds of percussive vibrations and pain doesn’t stand a chance.

Science is good stuff, so we put it to use, blocking pain impulses — because the way we see it, vibrations feel good; pain does not.

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